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Your Residential Ventilation Specialists

Keep the air in your home clean and healthy by keeping it free of dust and mold. Basement air circulation is important to get a healthy and clean atmosphere then install a basement ventilation system for the safety and well-being of your family.  Expert Basement Waterproofing can provide you with an on-the-spot inspection and a basement ventilation services and consultation to tell you how we can provide a clean breathing environment inside the entire house for your family. We also have an expert team of waterproofing specialists providing water-leaking solutions at affordable prices.

Comprehensive Solutions

When you’re experiencing musty odors and stale air quality, the culprit is usually water and mold in your basement. Mold produces spores that travel through your ventilation system.

These spores can cause health complications similar to the flu and colds, such as headaches, sore throats, and even memory loss.

Depend on the team of ventilation contractors at Expert Basement Waterproofing to perform an on-the-spot ventilation inspection to determine the source of your air quality problems. 

We’ll show you all of your available options and work with you to find and implement the right solution to get clean air circulating in your home again.

Superior Ventilation Services

  • Remove mold spores, dust mites, pet odors, cooking odors

  • Eliminate mildew

  • Thorough inspection for water issues

  • Quality Humidex ventilation system installation

  • Lifetime guarantee on all ventilation services

Lifetime Warranties

You can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty on all services

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Check out our competitive rates

Providing services throughout Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Quality Over Quantity

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